Best gifts for two years old


Do you want to surprise your kid with a nice present? Have you considered robotic toys? Well, we are here to help you. We are going to present you five nice and funny toys that your kid will love it! So, let’s start:

  1. Play Kitchen

Why your child will love it: Kids are natural imitators, so let your kid cook dinner while you are making dinner as well.

Why experts love it: “A kitchen allows children to learn more about the world around them throughout acting out roles, and encouraging them to be more creative,” – said Joyce Nuner, who is assistant professor of child development and family studies in Texas, Baylor University in Waco.

This small wooden version is a beautiful substitute to big honking plastic one. It comes with pans and pots, utensils, and gorgeous carved “food.”

2. Art Materials

imagesWhy your child will love it: Paints are a natural way to teach colors — and to make even more shades they have to learn how to mix.

Why experts love it: Art materials help children to explore effect and cause together with their creativity and artistic pleasure.

These sets of watercolors come with twenty one brilliant colors, but you can let him go to town, since these paints won’t stain skin, clothes or furniture.

3. Easel

Why your child will love it: Giving your child a spot dedicated to get more creative lets your child to develop his/her inner artiste (and it means your child won’t be using the couch).

Why experts love it: “It supports hand positions and good wrist with writing on an easel — skills that are a requirement to healthy handwriting.

This easel that is double-sided maple has large storage trays and paper that your child can roll-down for never-ending doodling. Big plus: It has a special kid-safe hinge that decreases the chances of pinching when you fold it up.

4. Wheels

Why your child will love it: With two years, it is a great time for your kid to start working on coordination and balance.

Why experts love it: That is good for children who are afraid of movement, because small feet are planted firmly on the floor as they move.

Your kid can practice for hours with this bent birch-wood, non-tippy, scooter. Thanks to this scooter’s conceptual shape (children sit between the humps), sky is the limit when it comes to imagining what your kid is riding — a pony, a dragon or a dump truck?

5. Puzzles

ToysWhy your child will love it: This is a good age to introduce puzzles and the idea that smaller parts fit together to make it into one piece.

Why experts love it: Children at this age are starting to focus but can be distracted so easily, so two to five pieces puzzles allow for success.

Your kid will have a ball matching of the mother animal pieces to their babies — you can make the sound for the animal together, every time your child makes a match.